Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanks for Reading

Welcome to my new blog.  This blog will be less about me and more about you.  I will write about relevant, meaningful and helpful topics.  I will write with love and compassion for my fellow humans and other living creatures.  I will know WTF I'm talking about, even when some insist that I don't.  I will be able to look back at old postings and feel that what I've said is still smart and mature.  I will only be stupid and immature when that's what I'm going for.  When I make arguments I will support them with sound reasoning.  When I make factual statements I will back them up with accurate, credible sources.  Postings I write will be at once timely and timeless.  I will do my best to view what I write through the eyes of my future 90-year-old self.  I will only offend those with no sense of humor and those who deserve it.  I make no promises.

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